These pictures are from Sandi Coy's "facility" in Kentucky

The chains and the padlocks,  what a nice touch (shows a kind and caring person)! 

I guess that every Pit Bull deserves a chain? (What a great name for an organization?)

Note that puppies are mixed with adults: NOW that IS very responsible!

Did you know that she is an Registered Nurse???  I guess that "do no harm" may not apply to dogs.

Sorry that we have not put up the faces of the dogs that died in her "care".  That is coming, soon.

She and her husband again have a date in court set for 8/8/2007 (status hearing) and jury trial 8/17/2007.

Those dates are tentative as they have been getting things "continued".  How do you defend these actions?

After seeing the pictures of these dogs it make you wonder how she was ever Chairperson Responsible Dog Owner's of the Eastern States


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